Overview of the Team tab

In the Team tab you can manage your master data and permissions.

The "Team" tab is only available for users with the QVANTUM user role "Controller".

In the Team Overview, you can view and customize your uploaded users, their permissions and view their last update date. 

Overview of the team tab:


Upload user master data and user permissions to be able to use them in the context of planning with QVANTUM.

Import master data and permissions

Working with QVANTUM templates

QVANTUM provides templates for your team. These are two CSV files that you can download by clicking on "Export team" and then fill out accordingly. 


Create user master data

The option to upload master data of your users as a CSV can be found under "Import Team" - "Import Team Master Data".

Importing master data of you team:


Filling in the master data template of your team

Under "Export Team" - "Download Master Data" (if no team exists yet) or "Export Master Data" (if a team already exists) you can download a pre-filled CSV file for the master data.

For "last-name" the last name of the user has to be entered. For "first-name" the first name and for "email" the corresponding email address of the user.

Example of a CSV file for master data:


When filling out the team template, existing owners must not be added as users, because they are already part of the planning. If you upload new users but do not want to delete existing users, you must upload them when uploading the new users.

User permissions are defined in a separate CSV file.

Create user permissions

The option to upload permissions of your users as an CSV can be found under "Import Team" - "Import Team Permissions".

Import permissions:


Filling in the permissions of your team

Upload the permissions to assign planning units and dimension elements defined by you to your team. The previous permissions are overwritten.

By default, the CSV contains three columns: email, input and the "planning units" dimension defined in the model. This is called "Vertriebseinheiten" in our example model.

Example of an empty permissions CSV:


In this file, users are assigned elements of the planning unit dimension based on their e-mail address. Users not listed in the file will lose their previous permissions.

Filled out permissions CSV: